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The Beginnings

It all began with Jane and the unexpected death of her husband, Doug.  On a sunny Sunday afternoon Doug went out for along bicycle ride and never returned.  He was struck by a car and killed.  In her early thirties and only married for three years, Jane's life forever changed in a moment.  Jane found her grief experience exhausting and eventually led her onto a path of helping others like herself. 

Jane developed a non-profit hosting restful retreats for adults grieving the death of a loved one. The retreats provide a place of rest — with comfortable accommodations, meals, caring staff, optional gatherings, access to nature, and other offerings that provide respite.


The Name

The name Kerith Brook was inspired by the story of Elijah being sent to Kerith Brook (also spelled Cherith) in 1 Kings 17:3-6. It was a temporary place of rest where all of Elijah’s needs were met. Kerith Brook, the organization, seeks to create the same experience for its guests as its namesake – a restful place for grieving adults where all their needs are met.

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